Hello I'm Kirsten, thank you for visiting my website. I'm an artist, teacher, mother and lover of all things creative. I have always held a passion for art and design since a young child where I obsessively drew images of the Flower Fairies in my bedroom. This passion lead me to complete a BA(Hons) from the LCC and an MA from Chelsea College of Art.


My early career focused on my love for design and illustration where I worked in graphic design, working for  leading architects in London. During this time I never gave up my passion for art, exhibiting across London and selling my work across the world. My art has even been featured on album covers and used in advertising campaigns.


After becoming a mother I trained to become a fully qualified teacher where I worked in Adult Education sharing my passion for art, printing and felt making. During this time I also undertook many Community & Family art Projects taking place at the William Morris Art Gallery and many schools in and around Havering. I can often be found tinkering in my art studio when I'm not teaching freelance in a classroom or for an art group.


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